The gaming tables that are featured below are some of the most expensive billiard and pool tables in the world. Most players can only dream of actually playing on such fantastic works of art. But functionally they are also superb, they are made from the highest quality materials, and are as flat as a pancake, perfect for a game of pool or billiards.

The Luxury Billiard

Three times world billiard champion set about to design and build one of the greatest billiard tables ever to be made. Vincent Facquet actually succeeded to build three tables in his Luxury Billiard range, Majeste, Platinum Royal, and Noblesse.

The Luxury Billiard

The tables are adorned with metals such as platinum and gold, and there are even glimmering diamonds that are set either in gold or platinum placed along the barrier set. To add even more modernity the pockets are constructed out of micro-fiber to stand out better and to reduce noise. Each table has an estimated value of one and a half million pounds.

The unique and highly expensive billiard tables we have highlighted are basically one-off’s and there is no way the average pool or snooker player could afford to buy one. But there are some mass produced tables that offer high quality and a price to go with that.

The Predator

This highly futuristic pool table will set you back the same as your family saloon at twenty thousand pounds. It is made out of wood, glass, and metal. And has features such as stainless steel cable sets and polished glass rails.

The design is out of this world, it is slick and the table looks as though it should be on a space station. The manufacturers also offer this table with a range of accessories, such as a banging sound system, accentuated lighting and etched personalized graphics on the glass railing. There is even an option to add alloy wheels for ease of movement.

9G-1 Glass Top Pool Table

The 9G-1 is perhaps the most unusual games table that we have featured so far, the playing surface is completely transparent which makes playing on this table a unique experience. The manufacturers developed a way of using Vitrik which is completely see through and has the same properties as beize, laid on top of 15mm toughened glass.

So when a player is bending down taking a shot the metal structure and wheels that make up the base of the table can be easily viewed. It is like playing pool in 3D and this table would feature well in a sci-fi movie. The view of everything beneath the surface is quite unnerving and definitely distracting.

To own one of these futuristic pool tables would cost you around twenty thousand pounds, but the added advantage would be that you would probably beat every one of your friends that was playing on it for the very first time.  

From classic wooden carved billiard tables, to futuristic 3D pool tables we have seen not just the most expensive games tables in the world but some of the most imaginatively designed ones.