To play pool at any level the most important piece of equipment you need is the Table. Most pool and billiard tables around the world will be of the same dimensions, although there are some miniature type tables used because of lack of space.

But that is where it all ends, size as they say is an important factor but the quality of materials that make up the construction of the table is vitally important. To play at a consistent level you need to play on tables made out of the very best materials, they have to be perfectly flat (preferably with a slate base) covered in good baize and cushions that are of a high standard.

Some tables are made of a superior quality and designed with flair, to create a perfect playing surface so the skills of the players are tested to the very limit. Of course these rare Rolls Royce’s of the snooker world do not come cheap.

Queen Victoria Jubilee Billiard Table

This table is fit for a king or a queen and it even comes with its own period furniture. It is more than just a games table it is a superb piece of period craftsmanship that was made to display the opulence of the reign of Queen Victoria.

The wood carving is highly intricate and illustrates different periods of the great monarch’s life. The cushions are adorned with carved wooden ribbons that have etched on them quotations by the greatest writers of their time, Tennyson and Shakespeare.

Even the ornately carved legs have portrait figures of past kings, from Henry I to Edward 2. It is impossible to guess the weight of this outrageous billiard table but it valued at over one million pounds.

The History of Australia Billiard Table

The History of Australia Billiard Table

Another highly historical billiard table but this time has been specially hand-carved to depict the story of Australia. As a billiard table it is more a work of art than a games table, as the workmanship is without parallel. There are no less than ten beautiful and ornate panels that surround the table that form almost a blueprint or map explaining the history of Australia and how it came to be.

At half a million pounds this billiard table is rarely actually played on, and who could dispute that. But if you look at it logically great pieces of furniture by the masters like Chippendale and Robert Gillow would cost extraordinary large sums of money, so a piece large as a billiard table must have terrific value.

Estimating a value on these great billiard tables is extremely difficult, they rarely come up at auction and are one-off’s as it comes to being an antique. So the valuations we have suggested may be well off the mark and the actual cost if one came up for sale would be far higher.

In truth every pool, snooker, or billiard player would love to play on such tables, they are the crème de la crème of gaming tables and there are more to come.