Pool and snooker seem to be so similar it is often hard to know what the difference is, if any. They have similarities in appearance and overall structure, however, they are quite different. There is a bit more technicality to the game of snooker, it has a larger pool table, narrow pockets, smaller balls all of these make it not only different from pool but more technical and difficult than pool as well. In the United States, pool is more popular than snooker. Once you are familiar with one of the two sports though you can no doubt play the other as well. In some states they have more passion towards snooker than pool. Whichever you play, pool or snooker you no doubt enjoy the game.

In England, the game of choice is snooker, not pool. For whatever reason it has just been that way. To explain the differences between pool and snooker we have to look at all the small differences. The first major difference is with the table. The officially sanctioned pool tables used for tournaments are 8 or 9 feet long. Those you find in bars or arcades are often 6 or 7 feet in length though. However, a snooker table is usually 10 feet for America and Britain. The tables in Great Britain are taller than the tables in the United States by two inches.


For snooker the pockets are all the same size and they are smaller than the size of the pockets in a pool table. This is because the balls are different in size for snooker and pool, they are smaller for a snooker table than they are in a pool table. The cues vary in sizes as well, of course there are always different size cues depending on the players size and you can even get a custom size cue if you like. But the standard cues that are used are different for pool tables than they are for snooker tables. While the differences may seem small to start with, if you have ever played on both a snooker table and a pool table you will quickly see that they are very different sports and that they have different rules as well. You cannot play both with the same rules, you must play each to the rules of its own game in order to play properly.

Both games are fantastically fun to play, whether it be at a bar with friends or on a more professional level. Both games are challenging and fun, they combine mental and physical skills. While you often see men playing the sport there are women who enjoy it just as much and are very successful at it. Next time you see a pool or a snooker table you will be able to know the difference now, and perhaps you will give the game a go if you haven’t already and discover that both pools and snooker can be a great pass time or game to enjoy with friends while at your local pub or bar.