For the fans of snooker, the year started with a surprising announcement. Stephen Hendry is planning his big comeback. The experiment should take place in March. Hendry wants to return no less than nine years after retiring from the 2012 World Cup. His first opponent was Matthew Selt. This pairing gained explosive power before the game; after all, this is a good friend of the snooker star. How Hendry would fare was not clear to himself. The seven-time world champion said at least that he was ready for anything.

An Exciting Experiment

He described his surprising comeback as a fascinating experiment. First, he started at the Gibraltar Open and then wants to qualify for the World Cup. Then he will see for himself where he is technically speaking. If this analysis makes sense to him, he will probably play snooker for the next season. But if you had hoped that the ex-world champion would like to get back into the tournament, you will be disappointed. Hendry would like to concentrate only on selected matches in the future. To be a full-time player again excludes him.


Training With Stephen Feeney

The champ has already played a few legends series tournaments. But he wasn’t exactly successful at that. However, he pointed out that this performance would not indicate his actual playing strength. After all, he didn’t take these games seriously and didn’t prepare well for them. But everything will be different now. He’s been training with Stephen Feeney for over six months. In the past, this has at least led Mark Williams to the 2018 world title. At the beginning of this collaboration, there was no comeback on the program. Hendry just wanted to pick up a cue again.

The training gives him confidence. He says that he would hit the balls better now than at the end of his playing career. But he knows himself that that’s not enough for a tournament. Now it is time to implement his training achievements. You can not compare the atmosphere in an arena to anything else in snooker. The pressure that the players are under also not. That leaves the question of why the now 52-year-old Stephen Hendry is now daring a comeback? It’s not the finances, but Hendry misses the live atmosphere of tournaments. He knows them all too well from his time as a TV expert. But he has to do without that for the time being.

Trump Is Skeptical

In any case, one man is sceptical. Judd Trump cannot imagine that Hendry will win victories. The world number one is therefore not very optimistic about the success of the comeback attempt. He justified this with the significantly increased level. That will bother him, said the beste Snooker player in the word. First of all, he was right. The comeback showed a Stephen Hendry in shape, but he lost to a brilliant Matthew Selt.