British snooker pro Judd Trump is currently leading the world rankings. He has been a professional player since 2005 and has won numerous tournaments since then. After his successes at the World Championship, the UK Championship, and the Masters, Trump won the Triple Crown. With the victory at the World Open last year, he has proved once again that no other player could beat him. But the champion is not invincible, and he had to take a note of that.

Triumph and Defeat

Neil Robertson inflicted a bitter defeat on him during the 2019 Champion of Champions. The two snooker stars fought a duel in the finale that fans will not soon forget. It will undoubtedly go down in history because both players showed their best snooker skills. The duel developed into a top-class game. Neil Robertson forced a decider and won the final frame with a 173. Judd Trump quickly coped with this setback. He rightly leads the snooker world ranking list. His confidence rose significantly after winning the Northern Ireland Open in 2018. Since then he has been a real champion who sets the pace in the snooker world.

No Triple Crown in a Year

His brother Jack helped him with the game. Trump hired him as a permanent supervisor and motivator as he wanted to professionalize his game further, and i it was a successful decision. That paid off. A significant milestone for his career was the clear victory against Ronnie O’Sullivan in the final of the master. After this match, nobody could stop him at the beginning. Later, Trump also won the world championship title. However, he had to bury his next big dream as the number one in the world rankings also wanted to win the UK Championship Open last year. He would have got the Triple Crown in just one year. But nothing came of it. Snooker veteran Nigel Bond defeated him in the third round. “Nigel deservedly won,” Trump commented after the game on his defeat. This attitude also distinguishes a great champion.

Game of snooker
Game of snooker

The Records Continue to Tumble

During the season of 2019/2020, Judd Trump has already won three ranking tournaments. The new year started in the same manner as the old one ended. At the German Masters, he met Neil Robertson again in the final. There he succeeded in defeating the 2019 Champion of Champions. A little later, he also won the final of the Players Championship against Yan Bingtao 10: 4. Trump was able to break the previous record of five won tournaments in one season. Later, he broke this record. After his success at the Gibraltar Open 2020, Judd Trump now is the sole record holder with six victories in just one season. Experts consider it entirely possible that the Brit will dominate the snooker scene for years to come. Undoubtedly, Judd Trump is on his way to become a legend.