Snooker, is a fun game that many all around the world enjoy playing. It is played using cues on a billiard table. The Players also use a cue ball, the white ball, to attempt to pocket the other, colored, balls. As interesting as it can be it may be frustrating and boring especially to first timers but in this article, we will answer that question that has always poped up in your mind whenever you see the game; what on earth made this game interesting? By giving details to the way to which snooker is played. Before we begin in details on how to play snooker, it is important to know that snooker can be played by 2 people but should in case you are four, you can play it as a game of doubles.

What do I need to play snooker?

Where is that snooker cue? Snooker cue is that well sharpened and purposely designed stick you always see with snooker players which they use to hit the balls.  Majority of the snooker clubs have a collection of “rack cues” to choose from and are important for starters. As you progress, you may need to upgrade to your own cue, this you can get from game shops around in your location. Along with a cue, you will need a fresh piece of chalk, this is to chalk the tip of your cue before each strike. This is very peculiar in avoiding disagreement and as an evidence of a strike.

SHEFFIELD, UNITED KINGDOM – MAY 01: A general view of snooker balls during the World Championship at the Crucible Theatre on May 1, 2007 in Sheffield, England. (Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)

After you have gotten this, we can then go to the snooker table-that 12 feet by 6 feet size billiard table, which has 6 pockets. You may not know how to arrange the balls rightly so come along. There are 15 red balls with six colors (yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black) and a white ball known as the cue ball available for the snooker table. The reds need to be grouped together in a triangle which is usually found above or below the table. You will notice little markings on the table cloth known as spots. This is where the colored balls are placed. If you want to know how to play snooker correctly, it is essential that you place the balls in the correct places.

The first shot played by the player is called the break off shot. One player is chosen to break open the triangle of reds which has been initially arranged. First thing we need to do is place the ‘cueball’ (white ball) in the D section of the baulk area. You are allowed place the ball anywhere you wish in the D but not outside it. I can read the mind of the starter now but I will answer anyway, the D section is the inner space of the semi-circle drawn at the top center of the snooker table. Most players place the white ball on the line between the brown and green. Some players like the white between the brown and yellow, there is no better choice but the one that applies to you. After taking a good snooker stance, you are ready to shoot!