The Sport of Pool

Pool is one of the most popular leisure and bar sports that have ever existed. It can be played in almost every sports bar around the world and it has a specific vibe that made it so popular. Professional pool players are very well-paid, and many reached the status of international celebrities. Pool is so popular because it can be played by everyone and it doesn’t require very high skills in order to have fun. The whole technique behind this sport is a true art and many professional players like keeping their secret moves secret. Pool tables are viewed as some of the most beautiful and elegant battle ground in the sports world and behind their construction is a whole science.

How the Tables Are Made

We have listed some of the most important steps in the making of these tables in order to better understand this amazing sport. The playing surface is the most important part of the whole pool table. It is generally made from a slate of gray-blueish rock that naturally splits in perfect slates. The surface has to be very smooth in order to guarantee a quality game. The rock is extracted from the bottom of the water being a basic sediment rock. This means that the weight of the water compressed sand and other types of sediment in this beautiful and compact rock. Transporting this kind of material can be quite risky and this is why many manufacturing companies choose to cut the big slate in three smaller pieces that would later be re-assembled. You have to take into consideration that the average weigh of this sledge is around 300 kg.

The Process

The sledge is then polished and refined in order to get a perfectly smooth surface. The sledge is generally over-sized in order to have a safety surface. The sledge is then carved on the margins in order to perfectly fit with the wooden frame. Special holes are made in the ball-designated places. The surface is then covered with felt fabric that is stapled and glues in order to have a perfect surface.

The Process
The Process

The wooden structure is then assembled. Depending on the price point, the wooden frame can cost from a few hundred dollars to thousand. Many exquisite players like the more expensive wood and even combinations that would make the tables look even more elegant. The traditional color for the felt surface is green but if you want a customized table it can be any color you want. For cheaper tables you can choose other materials than natural rock. Slatron and Parmaslate are synthetic materials that feel very similar to the expensive rock. Honeycomb is also popular for the cheaper tables. It is basically a plastic honeycomb structure between two pieces of hard plastic.

MDF is also widely used for amateur tables because it has a very high durability. Making a pool table is definitely a science itself. It has to stick to some very clear manufacturing methods in order to guarantee a quality game.