About 140 years ago, a very young Army Officer in Britain experimented on a billiard table, which leads to the advent of the game known as snooker today. Snooker is such a popular game all enjoy from it and like to play, and it is played all around the world. India was the birthplace of snooker, it was invented by Neville Chamberlain, a young lieutenant in a town called Jubbulpore in 1875 while he was experimenting on tables in the officers Lodge by using an existing Blackpool game which is a game with 16 balls(15 red and 1 black). There are various rules and ways that it is played but we can all agree that it is a fun game and is a great way to pass the time while at a bar.

Neville Chamberlain in 1876 joined the central Indian Horse where he took the game after him. He relocated to Ooatacamund after he was badly injured in the war that took place in Afghanistan. At the ‘Ooty club’ in Ooatacumund, the game of snooker became its specialty.

In 1885, Chamberlain met with John Roberts (the Billiard champion of that time) and Maharajah of Coach Behar at a dinner that took place in India. The meeting was centred mainly on the rules of snooker, being enquired by the duo.(Roberts and Coach Behar). Chamberlain also introduced the game of snooker to England, but it took a longer time before the game could be accepted a and become popular. In 1800s, the game developed and had tables, as it is known today.

Two brothers Joe Davis and Fred Davis where the king of the snooker games for almost 50years. They contributed largely to the development and transition of the game from a grand aristocratic to a working-class pass time. Joe and Fred both worn 15 and 8 world championships in the game respectively. In 1957, Joe made a break of 147maximum from the highest break of 33 as at 1922. Fred who was 12 years younger than Joe almost defeated his brother so many times, but was so unlucky as Joe keeps winning him. In 1960’s, after the introduction of Pot Black on TV, the popularity of the game increased, and it began to get a lot of appeal. Riley Leisure implemented tables in commercial places and clubs, while John Spenser, Dennis Taylor, Ray Reardon and some other people boosted the games in the 1970s.

In the 1980s, a lot of young people took up the game at their early age, and in 1985, the greatest moment for the snooker game came!, it was in the world finals tournament which was won by Dennis Taylor, with over 18.5million people in attendance as at 12:30am watching the game. In the 1990s, the game became stable and gained popularity to become the nation’s most played table sport. Players like Henry Stephen, Jimmy white, Ronnie O’Sullivan and Mark Williams brought a lot of changes and development, new attacking flairs and also kept high interest and maintained crowd interest in the game.