In one of my previous articles, I talked about how the game of snooker that was create in 1875 which was about 145 years ago bu Chamberlain Neville and how it became a game of high interest today. In this article, I will he making a review of my own selected best snooker players all around the world. These selected players had been great in their carriers as snooker players and their achievements cannot be overlooked.

Ronnie O’ Sullivan

To me, this is the greatest player all around the world. A every talented and naturally gifted player who is able to use his both hands while playing the game, and also great time managing skills. He has this talent of getting the right angles for his shots. Ronnie is very brilliant in the play if safety, fast and precise! Also very quick with his brain. Aside from being a great player with the fastest 147 in just 320 seconds, which makes him the second place player in the whole century. Ronnie is also a great entertainer that has a unique way of attracting the interest of the crowd.

Stephen Hendry

He is sometimes referred to as the beat player to ever pick up a snooker cue, Stephen has been the world champion in the game of snooker for seven years. He has won most of the tittle rankings more than all players of the snooker game. His way of playing has contributed to the change in the way people and players play the game of snooker nowadays. Aside from being a consistent player, Stephen has his unique way of defeating his opponent even before the game starts at all, and this ability has set him aside from all his peers.

Steve Davis

Steve is a total legend! A great player and the best ever player at his peak. He has won over 28 professional tittles in the snooker games.

Joe Davis

During his lifetime, Joe was at his best and was unbeatable. Although his records cannot be matched with that of the modern players, since the mode of play then was different from now. In 1946, Joe would have won another 20 titles, simply because the mode of play of the game them was very different. Joe Davis was not just a snooker player, but was also a Billiard champion for long years.

Alex Higgins

The unique style with which Alex plays his game makes him a player with natural ability. It was only him and Sullivan that possesses this ability. He was not able to win much titles in the game due to his reckless lifestyle. In the 1983 youth championship finals, Alex made a shocking come back, after he is been defeated 0-7 by Davis and came back to win 16-15. One of his famous breaks of all time was also his 69breaks to level at 15-15 in the world finals in 1982. Alex Higgins secured his second world title with a total clearance of 135.

Jimmy White

Jimmy never won a world title, but he was the people’s champion, because of his endurance spirit.

He never gives up!

Other players includes John Higgins, Mark Selby, Mark Williams, Judd Trump, etc.