Why People Love Pool

Pool has become one of the most popular and fun bar sports in the world. You can find a pool table in almost every sports club in the world. It is so popular thanks to the fact that everyone can play it and you don’t need a lot of skills in the beginning. Many professional players started by playing pool in one of the local pool clubs and they later evolved to become one of the major sports superstars. Pool matches are very popular to watch because they manage to captivate us for hours in a row. But the pool game is a very complex one with many variations. We have listed some of the main pool variations in order to prepare you for your next pool club challenge.

The Variations

There are of course many variations on how to play pool the most popular of them all though, is the rotation game. This game has 15 balls that are arranged into a triangle. The goal of the game is to then aim for and successfully pocket the lowest object ball. The game comes to an end when one player has reached 61 points, which is why it is also often 61. Straight pool is also one of the main pool variations. It is also called continuous 14.1 or simply 14.1. The player is forced by the rulebook to state what object ball he intends to strike and the pocket where he wants to send the ball. If the player fails to pocket the ball, depending on the situation, he can even lose up to 15 points. This rule is also known as the call-pocket rule. Each successful strike will bring only 1 point and the game will stop at a well-determined number of points.

Eight-ball and nine-ball are two pool variations that are gaining more and more popularity. The design of the balls can differ but basically, they have two specific designs or colors. Each player chooses a designated group of balls and tries to pocket all of them. Pocketing the 8-ball is also very important but the exact time to do this is very well-stated in the rule book. These two styles are now largely used during the pool championships all around the world. It is appreciated by many professional players. You can often see them being played at international tournaments and they are often aired on tv as well.

Often times when people are playing pool in a bar or pub they have what they call house rules. Essentially, they are able to make up variations of the games to suit their skills or the amount of people playing at the time as well. Often times they bend the rules slightly which is fair enough as they are not competing however they are just playing for fun on a night out with their friends. Pool is a popular game all around the world, and now whether you are playing for fun in a bar or in a competition you will know the variations